Provider Training & Kit Orders


We are excited to hear that you are scheduling a Be Active Kids provider training. Please provide us with the following information about your upcoming training so that we can enter it into our database and ship you the kits needed for your training.

* As of September 1, 2015, Be Active Kids (BAK) will only be providing 1 kit per facility (center/home/school) represented at a BAK training. If multiple providers from a facility attend the BAK training they will be able to receive an additional kit from BAK if they show that they are using the shared kit by submit the 1 month survey.

NOTE: In order to make the best use of our resources and continue to offer our great resources for free, Be Active Kids (BAK) will cross-check number of kits order and child care provider/teacher registration forms received. EXAMPLE: If an order is placed for 10 kits, Be Active Kids should receive a minimum of 10 registrations forms from child care providers/teachers representing 10 different child care facilities. Registration forms from previous BAK provider trainings must be received by BAK before additional kits for future trainings can be shipped out.