Movement for Toddlers: Support toddlers as they Develop Higher Level Motor Skills

Friday May 1, 2020 - 1 Hour

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Registration Deadline: Thursday December 31, 2020

Be Active Kids and The Inspired Treehouse bring you information toddler play and development.Toddlers.  They’re a little sturdier, a little steadier on their feet, and even more ready to explore the world than they were when they were infants.  Amazing changes happen during these first years of childhood as babies become toddlers.  They meet all kinds of developmental milestones as they gain balance, confidence, and independence.  And as their brains develop, so does their coordination and motor control, allowing them to begin to achieve higher level motor skills like jumping, skipping, and even pedaling a bike!  There are tons of fun activities and ideas we can use to support toddlers as they develop these higher level motor skills.  Just as play was a powerful tool to use with infants as they developed foundation skills like rolling and crawling, playful activities can also be used in our work with toddlers!


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