Sensory Environments for Infants and Toddlers

Friday May 1, 2020 - 1 Hour

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Registration Deadline: Thursday December 31, 2020

How does your infant and toddler classroom impact brain development and affect the rest of a child's life? The brain is the only organ that changes its structure and function due to the environment, as it doubles in size in the first year alone. So what does that mean for our infant and toddler rooms and how we arrange them to support healthy brain development? With 80% of the brain dedicated to sensory motor processing, it’s imperative that we create classrooms that develop healthy sensory motor systems. With one in six children (Miller) impacted by sensory processing disorder, the first two years are the most important years for laying a foundation for lifelong learning. Discover what you can do to create classrooms for healthy happy babies and toddlers​ that will promote healthy physical development. Learn movement activities for those environments that are developmentally appropriate for infants and toddlers. Creating the environment and filling it with intentional movement experiences brings the best together for school readiness.


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