What is the PlayMobile?

The PlayMobile is a portable storage unit filled with miscellaneous scrap, various loose parts, and traditional playground equipment that encourages physical activity, creativity, and learning through play. The PlayMobile’s loose parts can transform any space into a rich play environment that includes several unique play settings and encourages various types of play.  Children of all ages need opportunities for play!

The PlayMobile project started in 2011 through funding from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation. Through the Active Play Alliance was piloted in parks, nature areas, childcare centers and schools in 10 counties of central North Carolina (Moore, Richmond, Chatham, Lee, Hoke, Montgomery, Randolph, Harnett, Cumberland, and Scotland). 


  • Achieve greater physical activity during outdoor play
  • Engage more children in play during outdoor time
  • Enhance and diversify play opportunities outdoors
  • Increase the number of children and families exposed to playing with loose parts/scrap


$60 non-refundable maintenance fee (to be used to maintain and equip the PlayMobile). 

$2.50/mile delivery costs (Ex. 100 miles from Sandhills Community College to EXAMPLE PlayMobile event = 200 total miles x $2.50/mile = $500).

Price: $60.00



Add additional co-facilitators who with help coordinate your PlayMobile experience.