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June 1, 2020 - pdf version


Hey Friends!  

My friends and I hope everyone is safe and well during this challenging Covid-19 time.  We want you to know that though things are different, you can still be active.With COVID-19 related restriction loosening we are no able to spend time at beaches, parks, swimming pools, and nature trails.  As we spend more time outside of our home and in shared spaces, dont forget to Know Your W's to stay safe and healthy!



Do you know where one of the best places to be active is….outside!   Outside is great because you can maintain a social distance, while exploring nature.  We know that activity is great for you, but did you know that it improves your mood, helps you focus, improves impulse control, and helps you learn.   You can take a nature walk, go on a scavenger hunt, go on a scenic bike ride, and play in the mud.   All while getting your vitamin N, NATURE. 


While outside you can also celebrate, International Mud Day!  International Mud Day is celebrated on June 29, 2020.  That‘s right is it is time to get down and dirty and play in the mud.  Did you know that playing in the mud helps…

  1. Stimulates the immune system and may help prevent allergies
  2. Reduces a child vulnerability to depression
  3. Improves cognitive function
  4. Inspires creative thinking
  5. Inclusive play for all children
  6. Inspires a connection to nature


To learn more about the importance of mud play we encourage you to read the full article in Community Playthings.


If you need some ideas of how to play in the mud use the Be Active Kids Mud one-pager to help you get into mud play.  If you don’t have dirt or a back yard, you can purchase clean dirt from the local home improvement store or garden center.  You just want to make sure it is free of chemicals and manure.  Depending on how much mud you want to make available, you can place the mud in a wash pan or in an area of your back yard.  If that is still not possible, you can make “mud” by mixing coco powder, cornstarch and water.    Share what you do with your family in the mud with Be Active Kids so we can share with our friends and followers online.

Enjoy the great outdoors and the warm weather this month.  We look forward to seeing you again next month when my friends and I will more great ideas for you to be active!




Blue the Caring Cub


  • Preservice Teachers Learn to Use Be Active Kids in Limited Spaces

    I really enjoyed our class meeting. It was interesting to discover that you can do just about anything with children in the classroom where there may not be much space to encourage them to be active.  A change that I will make in my own life is to be more active, as well as my daughter. I will share this information with my friends that have children such as yoga animals, or Simon Says.

    Cathy Sesta, Parent & Child Care Provider
  • Early Childhood Physical Activity Institute

    Thank you for inviting me to be part of this year’s Institute. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the experience. You’re doing amazing work and I hope I’ll be able to continue contributing to it a bunch in the future.

    Rae Pica, www.movingandlearning.com
  • Plenty of Resources That I Can Use and Share

    This class was informative, and I look forward to being physically active with young children. On Friday, I volunteered at a Parents Night Out through my daughter's school. When I got there the kids were watching a movie. I got them up to play Simon Says and Red Light Green Light, however, after that I was stuck on what to do. I wish I had the knowledge I gained from this class, to have made it more exciting.

    I enjoyed your Land and Lake Activity.

    Venessa Wright, Parent & Child Care Provider
  • Be Active Kids Trainers Rock!

    I loved the training.  I would have loved it more if I had the other teachers from my center there also.  I am really looking forward to taking my kit to work and sharing it with my staff.  I liked Brittney, she reminded me of myself as far as being very active and motivated.  When I am at work with my little ones we stay busy all day.  I feel like singing my instructions and dancing my actions helps them to focus better on what I need for them to do.  Britney was great and I learned a lot from her. I am always trying to find new little ways to get the kids moving.

    Tiffany Daniel, Sandhill Community College

    The Early Childhood Physical Activity Institute was just wonderful!  Thank you again for including me in such an important effort to create and sustain leaders in EC physical activity. I would love to return to NC anytime that you think I can help. I enjoyed meeting the folks who work with you and hearing about all of the great things that are planned. 

    Linda Carson, Choosy Kids
  • Be Active Kids has Much to Offer

    Congratulations to you and everyone who has been promoting PA for young
    children in NC. You have much to be proud of here. Be Active Kids is an excellent source of ideas for promoting active play in unstructured settings. The Be Active Kids website also has resources on promoting unstructured active play. I encourage folks to review these resources. 

    Diane Craft, SUNY Cortland & Active Play Books