Online Early Childhood Educator Training (February - 3 Days)

Tuesday February 2, 2021 - 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Online - LIVE
Price: $0.00

Registration Deadline: Saturday January 30, 2021

Be Active Kids will provide a foundation for active learning and better prepare the participant to utilize teaching strategies and practical resources to improve the health and development of young children ages birth to five.  Learn about the evidence-based Be Active Kids Movement Guide and how to implement developmentally appropriate play and learning opportunities for children inside and outside.  This 3-hour professional development opportunity will be delivered in one hour sessions over the course of three weeks.  


Dates:  February 2nd, 9th, 16th 

Cost:  FREE for DCDEE Contact Hour Credits (CHCs) or $15 for .3 Continuing Education Units (CEUs*) from NC State University.

* If taking the course for CEU's - Contact Be Active Kids



(1) Provide preservice and In-Service education for child care providers on evidence-based and evidence-informed strategies for physical activity and nutrition.

(2) Expand the Use of evidence-based and evidence-informed strategies for physical activity and nutrition in pilot child care centers



  • Complete pre-assessment
  • Actively and completely participate in all 3 online sessions*
  • Complete post-assessment
  • Complete and submit assignments

* Participants must remain online for no less than 90% of each session.  If technology issues arrive and these requirements are not met, the participant must complete individual make-up session with Be Active Kids in order to receive completion certificate and contact hour credits.


After Completion: 

Each participant the FULLY completes the requirements listed above will received:

  • A certificate of completion
  • 3 DCDEE Contact Hour Credits (CHCs) or .3 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) from NCSU
  • Free electronic access to the Be Active Kids® Guide to Early Childhood Physical Activity*
  • The opportunity to receive a hard copy of the Be Active Kids® Guide to Early Childhood Physical Activity**

* Movement Guide includes over 80 developmentally appropriate physical activities for children ages birth to five along with physical activity guidelines, best practices, classroom management strategies, tips for modifying activities and much more!

** After using the Movement Guide lessons for one month and submitting a completed 1 Month Follow-up Survey, Be Active Kids will send one movement guide per center.


Areas of Alignment:

DCDEE Topics:

NCFELD Domains & Goals:

Head Start:

(1) Planning a safe, healthy learning environment


(2) Children’s physical & intellectual development


(3) Children’s social & emotional development


(4) Productive relationships with families


(7) Observing & recording children’s behavior


(8) Child growth and development


(9) Inclusion of children with special needs 


Domain: Health and Physical Development


Sub-Domain: Physical Health and Growth


Goal HPD-2: Children engage in active physical play indoors and outdoors.


Sub-Domain: Motor Development


Goal HPD-4: Children develop the large muscle control and abilities needed to move through and explore their environment.






Domain: Perceptual, Motor, and Physical Development


Goal IT-PMP 2. Child uses perceptual information in directing own actions, experiences, and interactions


Goal IT-PMP 3. Child demonstrates effective and efficient use of large muscles for movement and position

Goal IT-PMP 4. Child demonstrates effective and efficient use of large muscles to explore the environment.

Goal IT-PMP 5. Child uses sensory information and body awareness to understand how their body relates to the environment.

Goal P-PMP 1. Child demonstrates control, strength, and coordination of large muscles.

Goal P-PMP 2. Child uses perceptual information to guide motions and interactions with objects and other people.



Professional Development

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Select the age category for the majority of children you care for or teach.