Child Care Heroes

A Special Thank You to All Those Essential Child Care Workers!


Be Active Kids would like to thank and show recognition for those child care providers who are bravely working during the Coronavirus Pandemic to provide a safe and consistent play and learning environment for our young children across North Carolina.  We applaud your dedication, sacrifice, and hard work!  Stay healthy and motivated! 

As of June 15, 2020 - 10:30am:   We have had 210 total nominations for a total of 161 child care heroes!


Ada Straugh      [Precious Resources,  NC]

Ms. Ada treats every child like her own. She is loving and does what is best for the child. Even after my child transitioned out of her room she still made sure she was comfortable at daycare each day. 

Alba Marina      [Abundance Love and Learning Center, Jacksonville, NC]           

She is dedicated and truly loves her students.  She goes the extra mile to make sure each student is personally taken care of and feels special.  She has been keeping in touch with each of her students daily.  She is truly missed!

Alexis Fretwell     [Snead's Ferry Quality Preschool, Snead's Ferry, NC]  

She is my childcare hero she takes care of 16 two year olds and does it with ease. Amazing, loving, never gives up, pushes hard, works hard, over all amazing. While expecting, her second child!  Blessed to know such a beautiful person.

Alice Blackwell     [Kiddie Kampus, Wilson,  NC]

Because she is kind and always have the children's best interest at heart.

ALL TEACHERS!      [New Life Child Care, Goldsboro, NC]

They work long hours to make sure the children receive the same great  care they got before COVID-19. They greet each child with a big smile.

ALL TEACHERS!      [The Growing Tree Daycare, Wilson,  NC]

We are all are child care hero's. We leave our family's to come and take care of essential work kids. We are risking our life's too. Some our kids that we have are not essential worker’s kids.

Amanda Trogdon     [Randleman Enrichment Center, Randleman NC]  

She is my co-worker and she comes to work everyday and makes sure all of our kids are taken care and loved she makes sure that we keep our same routine that way it doesn't mess with their schedules 

Amber Spears      [Grogan’s Small World #1, Granite Falls, NC]

She works hard for all of the patent and staff there. She often worries more than anyone else sees and always thinks of the children when making any decision.

Amber Webb *   [Loving Care Child Care Center, Wilson, NC]     

Amber comes to work every morning with her three children from 7 am until 4:30 pm.  She is always on time even having to get three children up and ready to come with her.  She is acting as the Lead Teacher in this classroom as the true Lead Teacher is out due to COVID-19 issues.  Amber is very patient with the children in her class and very attentive to their needs.  She prepares exciting activities for the children to keep them interested in lessons she has prepared for them.  As you know usually when your own child is in your class your child normally acts a little more needed than usual.  Even though her youngest of 7 yrs old challenges her daily.  Amber remains to keep her calm and cool attitude.  I respect the fact that she not only want to see her children thrive she has concern for ALL the children equally.

Ann Wilkins      [A Bundle Of Joy Childcare, Greenville, NC] 

She goes the extra mile to help parents and child/children no matter what the circumstance maybe.

Angela Wilson *     [Community Baptist Pre School, Reidville, NC]

She genuinely loves the kids. She is the most positive educator I have ever come in contact with.  The kids love and respect her.  She is a true blessing and a role model. (2) She has such a loving heart for the young.  She is the day school director and always has the children under her care front and center in her mind.  She devotes countless hours planning and caring for children. Even at church, she has the 2-year-old class under her care.  Where there is a need she gladly steps up to it. (3) She’s a gracious, caring person and always goes the extra mile to make sure her kids and coworkers are taken care of.

Ann Wright      [Big Bird Daycare, Bladenboro, NC]

She took my nonverbal 3 year old daughter into her center and helped her excel. She was always there as a listening ear anytime I needed.

Anna Mercer-McLean      [Community School for People Under Six, Chapel Hill, NC]

(1) She and her staff have taken this on!!  She is willing to share her knowledge and support others. (2) Anna is steadfast and never falters.  She goes above and beyond every single day, advocating for families, teachers and other child care directors.  She is a leader and her heart knows no bounds.  Not only is she a strong advocate for child care, she is an active member of her church and of the tennis association, promoting physical activity through tennis.

Asa Williams   [Simmons YMCA, Charlotte, NC]

She is there every morning with a bright smile to welcome us. we have all fun activities planned for us. she also helps us with our classroom zoom assignments

Ashley Joyce      [ARMC Family Enrichment Center, Burlington NC]

She is coming to work each day ready to take temps and provide quality care for the children and families. She has to leave her family at home to show up everyday to care for others. 

Ashley Livingston       [Our Kids Child Development Center, ]  

She is my childcare hero because she makes learning so much fun and handsome in her classroom even though, there is so much going on right now. My child loves going to school because she is so amazing at what she does.

Brenda Felton      [Childcare  Network, Morehead City, NC]       

Brenda has always been a good teacher but she also is a teacher that cares for the children. She works in an area that has many low income families. She's had many opportunities to work elsewhere because of her skills. Brenda will not leave because she wants to stay where her help and love is needed. She feels the children needs to be encourage in the early years. The children need a lot. They come from broken homes, harmful homes, behavioral and developmental homes. She hasn't missed a day in this crisis.   She carries this over into her Christian life as being the Children's Director in her church.  That is why I want to nominate her; she really cares.

Brianna Bass *     [Little Bulldogs Academy, Inc., Goldsboro, NC]

Brianna is a fulltime student at East Carolina University pursuing her BS in Human Development and Family Science with a concentration in child development.  She was only working part-time prior to COVID 19.  However, now that she is no longer able to attend seated classes at ECU she has been working fulltime at the center with the preschool and school age children.  The children that are attending have parents that are essential workers.  With that being said, the school age children were not being able to get a lot of the one on one time with their parents for the virtual learning.  Brianna has really stepped up and prepared lesson plans as well as picked up individual packets for the students in her class from Grantham Elementary.   She is providing the help that the students are needing with their daily assignments from their teachers while their parents are providing services to the community.  Brianna has no children of her own but she has two younger siblings.  She is a mature and responsible young lady that we are thankful for.  Brianna has incorporated self help skills, life lessons, art appreciation, science, math, and history into the classroom for the children on individual levels to reach their goals.  Brianna, a 21 year old young lady, has touched the hearts and lives of many children through volunteering as well as mentoring throughout the community.

Brittany Daye      [A New Beginning, Lenoir, NC]

She is always so positive and ready to take on the day. You would never sense that she has any shred of worry from the love and grace she offers this facility.

Brinkley Marcum      [Yadkinville OOST, Yadkinville, NC]

She goes above and beyond what is needed to ensure that ALL kids are taken care of either with homework, feeling loved, and caring. She is the ultimate care giver!

Candy Stamey      [Forever young CDC, Lenoir, NC]

While she is an administrator, she goes above what is required in the office. She is in the classroom daily helping the teachers and children. She helps with not only the needs of the center but at home needs also like clothing and food. She I just the most loving, caring and attentive person I have ever had the opportunity to work with.

Carol Stocks      [Kids Kountry, Greenville, NC]

Mrs. Carol has tried to continue her lessons as usual despite the drop in enrollment, made things for those not attending to do at home, done face time with those who are out, and provided the children with a lot of hands on activities. 

Carolyn Terry     [Little Angels Count Blessings, Selma, NC]      

Kept me updated on everything and takes wonderful care of my child. (2) She’s caring and always puts the kids first. (3) She has raised me into a phenomenal woman. She took care of me as her own and never discriminated. I truly love her.

Cassandra Brooks *     [Little Believers Academy I & II, Garner/Clayton, NC]

Cassandra has been an amazing advocate for child care staff - tirelessly been promoting legislation and resources to support all programs and staff during this crisis. She has been interviewed by TV stations, government officials and other non-profit organizations.

Cassandra Mitchell      [Apple Tree Daycare, Raleigh, NC]

She loves and cares for all her children daily! They love to come and see her. When she’s out the cry because they don’t see her. She is an inspiration to me and my child. She’s very active in the classroom and keeps the kids busy with lots of art.

Catherine Aljuwani      [Gaston Learning Academy, Gastonia, NC]

She is a hero because she goes above and beyond her job description. She loves working with children. She was a retired elementary school teacher and loves kids so much that she came out of retirement to teach again.

Chiquita James                [Greenville Childcare and Learning Center, Greenville, NC] 

I just love the passion she has for the children she comes in contact with each and every day

Christen Crone     [COS KIDS, Matthews, NC]

Christen is an awesome infant teacher. She does her job with grace, and I’m sure her family loves her.

Christy Galloway      [Northside Learning Center, NC]

She comes to work every day and cares for the essential children here as well as doing Dojo videos and homework packets for her classroom children.

Christy Hinkle      [Step by Step Childcare, ]     

She is awesome with the kids

Community Baptist Schools       [Community Baptist Schools, ]

Plans fun activities for the kids.

Crissy Blake      [KidTowne Learning Center, Raleigh, NC]

She is an amazing teacher who loves the kids she teaches like her own. The lessons she teaches make learning fun for the kids and they learn so much. 

Cristy Reid      [Bright Beginnings Childcare, Granite Falls, NC]

Cristy always goes above and beyond for each and every one of “her” children.  She is always the first to offer help to anyone in need.  She is an absolute blessing.

Crystal Gary      [Unknown]      

Crystal Smith      [Northside Learning Center, Lenoir, NC]         

She does not have to work but comes in for when those who are working cannot come in. she works what hours are needed to help out.

Denise Machuga      [A Place to Grow, Lincolnton, NC]  

She ensures that the staff of A Place to Grow follow all daycare guidelines, state regulations and rules, and maintain healthy practices within and outside the center to make sure that all staff, families, and children are our number one priority.

Denise Marti      [Providence Christian Montessori School, ]       

She is helping our community to keep her center open to provide service to our essential workers, she has an amazing and big heart.

Diane Mewborn *     [Greene Lamp Head Start Community Action, Kinston, NC]           

Ms.  Mewborn is a caring loving teacher. She will go the extra mile to make sure your child is safe and cared for to the best of her ability. MS. Mewborn is a very active person in the planning of the way classroom learns and the activities her children do inside or outside the classroom. One thing I love about her, she will get dirty and play football with the boys or girls that ask her, “teacher do you want to play football or can we plant a garden with green bean and she makes it happen.” Ms. Mewborn is a fun loving and all of children love to be in school! We miss school right now!

Dina Thompson      [Lincolnton, NC]

Dina goes beyond the call of duty when it comes to her students. Not only does she make sure their workload is on point but she makes sure that the parents don't lack for anything, clothing, food or just a friendly phone call.

Doris Campbell      [Doris Campbell Daycare Home, Charlotte, NC]

(1) She is taking very good care of my children.  She is still doing lessons, artwork and outside activities with the children.  They are being well taken care of and we are so thankful for her! (2) Doris Campbell daycare home. She is so positive my children come home with their projects and can tell us things they talked about, things they did and the music and the stories that she reads to them I am so appreciate for her.

Doris Gatling      [Unknown]

Elizabeth Brooks      [Eliada Child Development, Asheville, NC] 

She’s sweet loving kind to our kids.  She’s always interacting with the kids and teaching them.  So professional with the parents.

Erin Hayes      [Randleman Ernichment Center, Randleman, NC]

She comes to work every morning helps the children start their day and does it with a smile!

Eva Perry      [Grogans Small World, NC]

(1) She loves and cares for her children. She goes out of her way to help us. (2) She goes above and beyond for her kids. She truly loves what she does and it shows. Her kids are her #1 priority. She has their best interest at heart. She exhibits wonderful communication skills with parents and I never have to worry about my child while she’s at daycare. She truly is a blessing to so many and they are lucky to have her!

Everybody at Kids College      [Kids Kollege, Washington, NC]

The teacher set Kids Kollege has being there with those kids Monday through Friday every day all day checking fever making sure the kids are safe I will at knowledge all the teachers not just one but all of them deserve the best they are there leaving their families at home and coming out to support other families

Fannie Turner Fleming       [Turner Family Childcare, Henderson, NC]  

She is more than a childcare provider.  She loves and nurtures the child just like they are her own children and grandchildren. She works hard to prepare them for each stage of their development from birth to kindergarten readiness. She does it wholeheartedly with so much unconditional love and passion.

Fee Hamlett *      [Kids Korner Acdemy II, Durham, NC]   

Fee wears many hats at the center.  Her professionalism with the children, colleague and parents give her the ring of a saint. She attends meetings, and assist the director with keeping up with the many projects the center has going on.  She is motivated and her articulate skills is a big hit as she makes connections through big ideas...This is what makes Ms. Fee Hamlett my hero.

Gerilyn Jones      [COS Kids Child Development Center, Matthews, NC]

Because she shows up to work every day with a heart full of love for the children in her care. She is patient, kind, and loving towards the children and they absolutely adore her. She is knowledgeable on how children develop and creates wonderful lessons that are designed for the WHOLE child. She truly is a gift and I’m so blessed to call her a friend and colleague. She is an absolute treasure of a human being.

Gretchen Yancey      [Hickory, NC]

Dedicated to her job and her kids.

Grogan's Small World #2      [Grogan's Small World #2, Hudson, NC]

Staying open during pandemic, great with the children, and more!

Hollie York      [Pleasant Grove CDC, Charlotte, NC]     

Working split shifts at her daycare so others can work knowing she could get this virus

Holly      [Grogan’s Small World #2]

So good with children and puts parent’s worries at ease.

Holly Chester   [Grogan's Small World, Hudson, NC]

Holly has cared for my child since he was 10 weeks old. She is always available to answer questions or concerns. She is the BEST!!

Holly Moss      [Grogan's Small World, Hudson, NC]

(1) Holly is the backbone of the center. They have been amazing during this hard time. They have stayed open to help people like myself who have no choice but to continue working. (2) She goes over and beyond for the kids and parents. (3) She always puts the needs of the children above everything else. The administrative duties she is responsible for are numerous. Yet, she still makes time for one-on-one conversations with all of the children in her facility. She builds positive relationships with families and encourages families to participate in any activities at the facility. She often puts the needs of her own family after the needs of the children in her care. She is a true hero to working parents who are looking for a safe, healthy, engaging, and caring childcare environment.

Honeycomb Kids Staff      [Honeycomb Kids, Trinity, NC]

Even though the schools are closed, including the Honeycomb Kids, the teachers continue to work each day. They are using this time away from the building to learn new skills, prepare for changes in the upcoming months and most importantly, they continue to teach. The teachers reach out to students via fb video, phone calls, google meet, and have done porch deliveries, packet pick-up, and USPS to ensure their classes are staying connected. The staff members have stepped out of their own comfort zones to learn and use new technologies. The children are staying connected in both large and small group interactions. Although the learning environment has changed, the heart of the teachers has not.  I nominate: Gidget Maynard (ones and twos), Kim Brewer (twos and threes) and Ruth Patraca (fours and fives). Thank you for all you do!

In The Beginning Staff      [In The Beginning, Raleigh, NC]

Our entire team has worked diligently as one strong adhesive team to normalize the time period of COVID-19 for the children served, as much as possible, with continued unsurpassable care and compassion.

Iris (Linda) Thomas *     [Touched By An Angel Open Arms, Knightdale NC]

She goes above and beyond for the children in the daycare.  She is the Infant Teacher but every child in the building loves her. She risked her health to come into the center and sadly she is now fighting for her life due to COVID 19.

Jason Carrow  *     [Care-O-World Early Learning Center, Washington, NC]

He has kept both centers he manages open and implemented protective measures for staff and children before mandated. He has conducted Free Lunch Fridays for his staff & has provided meals for children able to stay home. He has also had his NCPK teachers provide kits to families with activities to continue to support their development at home. All of this not because he had to but because it was the RIGHT thing to do.

Jayme Gomez      [La Petite Academy, Winston Salem, NC]

(1) Because she help's people when they are in need.  She also is a good mother and is a fare person. (2) She does all the work and she helps out teachers that are struggling and is really smart.

Jennifer Self      [Excel 10, NC]

Ms. Jen has taken time to form a relationship with my daughter Grace and has taken the time to check in on her even when she is not at the center! Her efforts have not gone unnoticed and put my mind and heart at ease knowing that Grace is being cared for by someone who truly loves her!

Jill Townsend      [SonShine, Wilkesboro,  NC] 

Jill is always smiling and loving on our children. When they are out sick, she always calls and checks on them. Jill is a great role model for our kids

Jocelyn Carroll      [Childcare Network, Charlotte, NC]  

Jocelyn goes above and beyond her duties in and outside the classroom and she does it with her one-year-old son Andre and a smile on her face.

Joy Finney      [Kiddie Kampus, Connelly's Spring, NC]

She always puts the kids first and their family she has open early and stayed over if needed to help families in the difficult time of need. Very caring loving supported daycare love all of the fantastic ladies there.

Kaitlynn Mayo      [First United Methodist Church Child Care, Washington, NC]

Kaitlynn has worked with our Center for a few years now and has continued to work during COVID-19. She has had a smile on her face in the mornings and evenings, even when she’s worked all day. She has continued to love on my baby and provide the care our children need to allow our essential personnel to continue to work.

Kamacia Thompson      [Child Care Network]   

She goes above and beyond she’s always there and genuinely cares about the kids

Karen Williams *    [The Children's Center of Asheboro, Asheboro, NC]

She is dependable, loyal, caring, fun and creative. She goes the extra mile and children love her. She attends UNCG and works full time and is a mother of 3 grown children and a grandmother! She is superwoman!

Karen Woolard      [Home]

Miss Karen has been a 2nd mother to my daughter. I never have to worry when my daughter is with her. I know that she will be in loving arms, partaking in creative crafts, scavenger hunts, and learning activities. My daughter absolutely adores her and her two boys. We hit the jackpot when we found Miss Karen!

Karma Spann      [First Baptist Preschool & Afterschool, Morganton, NC]

Karma is the Administrative Assistant at First Baptist Preschool.  She has been working 10-12 hours every day to ensure the program runs smoothly and everyone is taken care of.  She is constantly smiling and reassuring everyone that it will be ok.

Karter Adams      [Brown's Little Shepherds, NC]          

She is so helpful with the twins making sure they are safe.

Katelyn Sumner       [Rolesville Learning Center, Rolesville, NC]

She is dedicated and excited about being with her kids. 

Kathy Burton Smith *     [Little Engine Academy, Durham, NC]

Kathy Cress      [Kathy Cress Day Care, ]         

She gets up every morning at 3 am to take care of my babies. She has a heart of gold and is always right there for us.

Katrina Brown     [Care-O-World Early Learning Center, Chocowinity, NC]

Leadership skills, expertise in childcare, mentor, always willing to go above and beyond and help out wherever she’s needed.

Kayla Lundy *     [Snead’s Ferry Quality Childcare & Preschool, Snead’s Ferry, NC]

(1)She goes above and beyond for each kid in her class and in others. She has made unbreakable bonds with kids and parents. (2) Amazing with my kids goes out of her way to do whatever she can for them. (3) She has not missed a single day of work, she makes sure that he stays engaged and continues to provide guidance for him to be ready to go to Kindergarten. She cares about each and every one of her students and remains connected with the parents. (4) She has taken the time to learn my child (who is in the process of being tested for special needs) and really built a relationship with him. He used to get sent home 2-3 times a week, but since she has started to work with him he hasn’t been sent home! I don’t know what we would do without her and we are so grateful that our child has her as a teacher.

Kayla Sckagges      [Snead’s Ferry Quality Childcare & Preschool, Snead’s Ferry, NC]

She loves all her children. she makes learning fun.

Kimberly Brewer *      [Hopewell Elementary-Honeycomb, Trinity, NC]

My daughters went to Daycare with her. We came from a foreign country and she made them and we feel very supported and contributed to a smooth transition.

Kim Long, Tiffany Robinson, and Melissa Jolly *     [New Beginnings CEC, Stony Point, NC]  

Kristen Idacavage      [Kids R Kids Charlotte, Charlotte, NC]    

She has been a ROCKSTAR leader for her team.  They are out there supporting this community with a smile on their faces and the most genuine warmth in their hearts.  All of the teachers at Kids R Kids are amazing... but it takes an excellent leader to keep it that way!

Kristy Spruill      [Mt. Moriah Child Development Center, Matthews, NC]

Mrs. Kristy is the hardest Director I have worked for. She cares about her staff and she has a love for the children and parents. Before Covid she made sure the school was always clean.

Latasha Biggs      [Rising Stars Learning Center, Washington,  NC]

She is an amazing care provider. Love all her Kids as though they were hers.

LaTisha Milton      [ARMC Family Enrichment Center, Burlington, NC]

She has been a model leader for our center during this crazy time and she motivates us all to be here each and every day, putting our lives on the line, to care for children of essential healthcare workers.

Latoya Donaldson *     [Childcare Network, Charlotte, NC]          

Latoya truly immerses herself into the community and helps families. She is a leader and has a passion for helping others. (2) She risked her life to save a child in danger. (3) She is always there when I need her regardless of what it is. Latoya goes above and beyond for all the kids. (4)She always has a smile on her face and welcoming my children with open arms.

Laura Marshburn      [Oak Village Academy, Cary, NC]

She is a total GEM! Her classroom teaching style is all about the child and she's loving and caring! She has the most amazing way about her. She just makes the classroom a place that the children want to be! She also sings like an angel! (2) Ms. Laura is kind, loving, patient, and giving. She works hard to connect with her students, meet them where they are, and teaches them invaluable skills. WE LOVE MS. LAURA!

Laura Workman      [Clemmons Moravian Church Child Care Center, Clemmons, NC]

She is working right now with the toddlers "Cruiser's"

Leanne Crider     [Primrose School of Lake Norman, Mooresville, NC]

She has gone above and beyond for my daughter during this time frame. She has taken time to do a parade to say she misses her, she has done zooms with her class and posted tons of things for us to continue working at home. She has shown how much her heart is in it and how broken her heart is to not be with her students.

LeeAnn Keen      [Central Davie Preschool, Mocksville, NC]

LeeAnn is always positive, she knows each child and she responds to them individually.  She goes above and beyond. She has been on the front line with the emergency child care and has not complained.  Mrs. LeeAnn has high energy and makes each child and their family feel at home.  Mrs. LeeAnn goes gives hugs to the children she works with and makes the learning environment a home away from home.  She is dependable and my right hand lady! She provides learning and education in the emergency childcare.  She is a leader, a team player, a go getter.  Words cannot describe how amazing she is!! She deserves this honor!

Lenell Grier *     [Fairyland Institute of Early Learning, Charlotte, NC]       

This 79 year young child care owner is my child care hero during this time because as an owner, she is already fighting her own personal health battles which puts her at higher risk of COVID-19, however, she has managed to continue to make sure we provide the safest and best care possible for the families we serve and making sure all of her centers have what they need, going to the grocery store, checking on each center and their staff each day and just being such great moral and emotional support for her staff, families and children during this difficult time.

Linda Jackson      [NC]

Lisa Wallace       [A Home Just Like Home, ]

Been working so essential workers can work

Little Angels Count Your Blessings      [Little Angels Count Your Blessings, Selma, NC]      

Because we go beyond when it comes to our children families and our community. We are here to help families so they could continue working. When Covid-19 came to our nation we as a staff together immediately set some strategic enforcement to our facility. We start practicing social distancing and making sure our hands are washed after everything we touch. Entering the facility wash hands and taking temperature of each child. Director made sure that all updates of information concerning COVID-19 was printed and hand out to all parents and staff. Director also purchased mask for all children ages 3-12 yrs old. Director also gave out mask to parents and staff. This facility was very updated on all of the COVID.19 Virus. They had plenty of food and supplies to offer to children and families

Lucille Harris       [Bundle of Joy Daycare, NC]

Because she has stayed open to help the Families in Crisis and helped others as well with food, supplies and etc.....

Lynn Harper      [Northside Learning Center, NC]

She has worked almost every day since the COVID She has been coming up with fun activities for the essential kids today daily.

Maranda Phillips      [It’s All About Me Child Care, Gastonia, NC]

She is my child care hero because she has continued to stay open even though her day care is in home. She has been willing to put her own family at risk at this difficult time to service others. She also has had to maintain the well-being of her families she provides care for as well as keep her own children on track with their school assignments.

Megan Barrow      [First United Methodist Church Childcare, Washington, NC]

She’s the absolute best and treats all kids like her own

Melissa Campbell      [Abundance Love and Learning Center, Jacksonville, NC]

She is dedicated and truly loves her students.  She goes the extra mile to make sure each student is personally taken care of and feels special.  She has been keeping in touch with each of her students daily.  She is truly missed!

Melanie Riggs      [Northside Learning Center, Lenoir, NC]

She works with the one year olds but will step in and work with the infants and older children. She helps come up with creative crafts and activities for the kids to do.

Melody Guy *     [The Learning Experience, Chapel Hill, NC]       

My wife and I are both front-line physicians and are very fortunate to have The Learning Experience in Chapel Hill open to help us watch our daughter, Zoe. Ms. Melody is beloved by Zoe and Zoe always runs to give Ms. Melody a big hug when we drop her off before or after Hospital shifts. Ms. Melody and the other TLE teachers allow us to work knowing that our daughter is in great hands.  We are very thankful for Ms. Melody and the other TLE teachers!

Michelle Scott      [La Petite Academy, Winston Salem, NC]

Because she always puts the children's needs first. She is a mentor and a friend, and a voice for those without one!

Missy Hamrick      [Mama Lissa's Tiny Tot University, ]  

She goes above and beyond for the children and staff of her facility.

Montana Horton      [Tiny Treasures CDC, Charlotte, NC]

She goes above and beyond for children to feel as if they are important

Mr. NL Gullick Jr. *     [Gullick's Learn Room FCCH, NC]

Because he a male figure that shows love & compassion for the kids & their parents. When the owner wanted to closed he told her how much the kids need the FCCH to be open. He delivers meal to family that may not have food. He takes the young men to get things they need while being quarantine. He is awesome and great with the KIDS!

Mrs. Ann Wright & Staff      [Big Bird Daycare Center, Bladenboro, NC]

The Love and Care that is given to the children in their care. And not just the children but the family as a whole.

Mrs. Julie Navey      [The Growing Place Childcare Center, Asheboro, NC]

Because she wanted what was best for her toddlers during the crisis! Same teachers, same routine, etc.  She knows this is a risk for all of us and was ready to be on the front line no matter what!   

Mrs.Maria, Mrs.Angela, Mrs.Brown, Mrs.Carla, Mrs.Jan, Mrs.Felicia, Mrs.Angie      [Caldwell Academy/Primetime,  Whitnel Lenior, NC]

Because they follow Gods simple principle. Treat others as you would want to be treated and they always go above and beyond for ALL THE KIDS!

Ms. Porche      [KidTowne Apex Campus, NC]

My Emerson is a busy little bee. She is wiggly and she jumps instead of walks. She sings, dances and rarely stops moving. As her mom, I adore her. But I haven’t ever felt like teachers liked her. I felt like they “tolerated” her. Until Ms. Porche. She is an incredibly special teacher! She always greeted the class so kindly, happy to see each and every face. She is undoubtedly the most patient person I have ever seen. A herd of buffaloes could have run through that classroom and Ms. Porche would have smiled and handled it. Like a champ.  She loved my busy three-year-old like her own. I can’t imagine a more loving presence for young children to have. By blessing my busy, little Emerson, she blessed our entire family. This world needs more Ms. Porche’s.

Mrs. Rachelle Brown      [R&J In Home Child Care, Sanford, NC]

She has been in consent contact with each and everyone of her families. She provides new information every week and resources in the community as well as government while sending packet each week and staying open for essential workers. I really don't know when she sleeps (LOL)

Ms. Sheila Burris      [Gaston Learning Academy, Gastonia, NC]

Sheila is a vital piece to Gaston Learning Academy. She always goes the extra mile to make sure that the staff and students needs are met. Sheila never hesitates for a chance to jump in and  get her hands dirty. She is a true definition of super hero. 

Mrs. Tonya Ferrier      [CFA Concord First Assembly, ]  

She’s understanding and advocates for the needs of each child while preparing them for the futures.

Ms. Carolyn Terry      [Little Angels Count Blessings, ]

We here at Little Angels Count Blessings we are a team working together to meet the needs of our children safety and all families in our surrounding communities.  We make sure having the appropriate meals daily and much, much, more.  Learning is the key to success for every child and we here do provide a curriculum for age appropriate.

Myesia Howard      [Care O World Early Learning Center, Washington,  NC]

(1) She is dedicated, loving and has the patience with any child she teaches. (2) She goes way above and beyond for her kids as well as their families. She’s made videos for parents giving them ideas on ways to teach and entertain the kids while being out of school. She’s even done some drive by home visits. We just all love Myesia for her smile to her heart she’s always is happy to see her kids.  

Nancy Kivett *     [First Church Of God Day School, Archdale, NC]

Mrs. Nancy is a child care hero to us because she is considered high risk for coronavirus because she is 65 years old and has high blood pressure but she continues to work and show love to her 1 year olds babies everyday despite that risk.

Nicole Bentley      [Countryside Child Care, NC]

The love and patience she has with the children is amazing.

Nicole Garcia      [New Beginnings, Jacksonville, NC]

Nicole has a heart of gold and a extremely hard worker. She cares for all the children as if they were her own. A dedicated and trustworthy child care worker is a special person.

Norris Gullick      [Gullick's Learning Room, Winston Salem NC]

Because he a male figure that shows love & compassion for the kids & their parents. When the owner wanted to closed he told her how much the kids need the FCCH to be open. He delivers meal to family that may not have have food. He takes the young men to get things they need while being quarantine. He is awesome.

Pam Humphrey *     [Sandcastles Child Care, Kenansville, NC]

Pam always goes above and beyond to help her staff and the parents of the children that she cares for. She cares about each of her staff members and is always doing things to show her gratitude and appreciation. Also, she does the same with her parents. She host things like muffins w/mom or doughnuts w/dad. While we have all, in some way or another, been affected by COVID-19 Pam is in the process of doing a drive through breakfast for her essential parents. Pam is AWESOME

Pam Stanley *     [Jordan Center, Raleigh, NC]

Pastor James Corbett      [Community Christian Child Development Center, Greenville, NC]

Has been very concerned about staff, made sure staff are well taken care of during this time. Providing extra supplies, food. 

Paula Robertson          [Little Bear Childcare, Old Fort, NC]

She is our Hero, she runs a family childcare home and she opened her home up for all the essential workers and even took in extra essential worker’s children. She made us feel like we were family and kept our children safe, for this she will always be our Hero.

Phyllis Hayden      [Berean Jr Academy Preschool, Charlotte, NC]

She has been dedicated to providing care for the children of essential workers at our center.  She is making learning fun and enjoyable for the children.        

Phyllis Shepard      [Little Angels, Leland, NC]  

She is an amazing woman who loves my children like they were her own. Without her love and care, I would not be able to provide complete focus to my work. My children love her and always want to go back to Phil Phil's

Play Palace Preschool Staff      [Play Palace Preschool, Shelby NC]

Through these uncertain and challenging times all my staff continued to stay with me so we could still continue giving good quality care while they put themselves and their own families at risk.We all pulled together and encouraged each other on a day to day bases

Priscilla Gleaton      [Gleaton’s Learning Immersion Academic Center, ]

She is is my child care hero because she believes in going beyond the call of the call of duty to make sure the kids are extra safe and that the children receive advance education. (2) She’s very good with the children.  (3) She gets the children prepared to go to school.  My kids learned beyond what they needed to start school.

Rachael Hanson          [Snead’s Ferry Quality Childcare, Snead’s Ferry, NC]

She is very caring and always loving to all the kids that come in the center. She always has a positive attitude toward everything.

Rachel Roddy      [Primrose Afton Village, ]       

My wife works very hard and is dedicated to her children at her school

Regina Allen      [Central Davie Preschool, Mocksville, NC]

I have had the privilege of working with Regina for over 5 years. She is dedicated to the students in her care and goes above and beyond in the classroom.

Regina Baker *     [Save Our Children Youth Academy, Gastonia, NC]     

Regina is one of the most dedicated and hardest working Childcare Provider that I know.  She is consistently on the job doing whatever is needed to insure the safety of all of her students.  She is very competent and reliable.  She is such a joy and inspiration to all of the other staff members at the daycare.  She hugs and loves on all of the students and she is very conscientious about their health, safety and welfare.  She is the "Rock" of the Daycare.

Robyn Allgood      [Robyn’s Nest Creative Learning Center, Pittsboro, NC]           

Robyn has gone above and beyond to meet the needs of the families enrolled at Robyn’s Nest. She’s handled this situation with so much grace given the quickly changing news. She has put so many provisions in place, not just for families and kids, but the staff. We are so thankful for her leadership.

Sabina Brown      [In His Care, Greensboro, NC]

Brilliant with the children & I've never seen anyone work so hard! She's been 5 STARS for years and hasn't let the virus stop her! She's an inspiration to everyone who knows her! She was the first one outside of EquipD to offer help & encouragement when my child care business was water damaged and out for months! I didn't know if I could come back after that! Very creative & one of the most positive people I know! What a blessing to have her as my mentor & friend!!!!!

Sara Parsons      [Learning Thru Play Too, West Jefferson, NC]

She is an awesome NC Pre-K teacher who because of this has to do video  and zoom lessons to her children. She is in constant contact with her families to see what they need during this time. She makes packets for children who do not have computer access.  She is my hero.

Shannon Pope      [Snead’s Ferry Quality Childcare, Snead’s Ferry, NC]

Going above and beyond to support the families and community of Snead’s Ferry in our time of need

Sheila Wright      [First Baptist of Huntersville, Huntersville, NC] 

She has excelled at providing care to essential workers. She has found a way to keep staff employed and to ensure all her families have their needs met.

Shekima Rue      [Wingate Baptist Daycare, ]    

Goes over and beyond cleaning and sanitizing the Center. Making sure the attendance and meals are recorded daily and placed on my desk. Willing to work anytime I need her to work. Assist the teachers as needed.

Shemika Carter      [Kids Kollege, Washington, NC]       

She goes to work every day with a smile on her face. Leaving her own two children home during this pandemic. She gives the children in her care the most love and attention I've seen any child care worker give. She also gives support to the families of the children in her care during this difficult time.

Sheree Strader      [Community Baptist School, Reidsville, NC]

Sheree is a hero because she has a big heart and a love for Jesus and the children. Always willing to go beyond of what is expected of her.

Shonique Brown      [Guiding One’s Direction, Williamston, NC]

She goes above and beyond the call duty to make sure the children’s needs are met but most of all she puts God first.

Stephanie Spencer      [The Children's Center of Asheboro, Asheboro, NC]           

Stephanie came to work for us when she was a young teenager and has now had 18 years of teaching with us! She is energetic, playful, loving and loyal. We love her!!

Susan McCloud      [Grogan’s, NC]

She's the best!

Sydney Bowser      [Community Baptist School, Reidsville, NC]

(1) Always willing to help and has a sweet personality with awesome attitude. (2) She is creative and makes the coolest obstacle courses for the children on rainy days!

Tabitha Jolley      [Grogan's Small World 2, Hudson, NC]

(1) She is my daughters first and favorite teacher. She watches over my child on a daily basis even if she isn’t in her classroom as well as when she has asthma symptoms. On more than one occasion she has sat with her to make sure she’s breathing and safe. Every teaches at Grogan’s deserves to be nominated for the exceptional work they do for all of us. (2) She cares about the children she cares for as if they were her own. She's picked up on behavioral changes in my son when he became sick before he even showed symptoms. She also has called to check on him whenever he was home.

Tammy Frith      [Burns Child Care & Preschool, ]         

Tammy always goes above and beyond what is being asked of her, especially during these uncertain times, regardless of the classroom she is working in or the hours that she is given to work. Ms. Tammy stays committed and focused on the kids she is providing care for giving them an enriched environment which provides security and some normality during these times of confusion for school agers.

Tammy Perkins *     [Joyful Play Two, Goldsboro, NC]

Tammy Roper      [Quaker Meadows Generations, Morganton, NC]        

Tammy is the Assistant Center Director and has been running the center, serving meals, helping staff and assisting parents.  She makes sure that the center is clean well-stocked, bright and cheerful.  She is supportive to staff during these difficult times and always has a smile on her face.

Teachers, Kitchen Staff, and Administrators      [Excel learning center #9, NC]     

Everybody at this center has been working hard to make sure the child in their care of taken care of so their parents can work. Awesome center!

Tequila Daye      [Future Scholars Child and Development Center, Hillsborough NC]

Because she is super happy every day! Comes to work every day and is always willing to go the extra mile.

Terry Quidley      [First Assembly of God Ministries, NC]

She said, no matter what, I'm in it for long haul. Here for children & parents.

Tina Locklear      [Tina’s Tiny Toes Childcare, NC]        

Mrs. TIna has the doors open @ 5am Monday-Friday 1st 2nd& 3rd shift. Never heard her one time complain during this pandemic.

Tish Milton      [ARMC Family Enrichment Center, Burlington, NC]         

She is dedicated to the children and staff she is in charge of and committed to providing quality care during these unprecedented times. We appreciate her!

Toni Lynch      [Howard Levine Child Development Center, Charlotte, NC]

Despite with what’s going in the world today (COVID-19) she continues to come to work ready to teach the children with a smile on her face. She has adjusted her schedule in order to provide exceptional educational experiences to the families that will stay with them forever.

Tonisha Sloane      [Tarawa Terrace 2 Child Development Center, Tarawa Terrace, NC]

This wonderful woman excels at ensuring that each child she works with receives exemplary care. She has a way of the families she serves to feel comfortable and to speak freely with her regarding the development of their child. Tonisha is vibrant and always displaying love to all children.

Valerie Smith Potter     [Unknown]       

She is working in a home taking care of an infant and sometimes 3 ½-year-old. Their parents are both essential workers. She loves and cares for my babies as if they are her own! She is the best “adopted grandma” my children could ask for.

Vanessa Manning      [Save Our Children Youth Academy, Gastonia, NC]

Mrs. Vanessa is someone who puts herself last. She always looks out for the staff and children in care. She has maintained high quality care evening doing the COVID-19.

Velma Strickland      [Rex Child Development Center, Raleigh, NC]       

She is my Director. Velma encourages the staff. She wants the BEST for us.  She is Amazing.!!!  VERY SUPPORTIVE!!!

Vivian Lindsey *     [Childcare Network #157, Greensboro, NC]

Ms. Vivian works well with children of all ages. She is excellent at dealing with challenging behaviors and making everyone feel special. She is a team player as well as an independent worker. She is also a certified Incredible Years teacher who uses puppets to help children deal with their feelings and learn to follow instructions.

Whitney Atkins      [Primrose Cornelius, ]

She cares so much about every child, has the patience of an angel and is extremely passionate about educating her children. In this time she’s been sending videos for the children at home and my son loves it. She’s in tune with emotional and social intelligence of her children along with ensuring each of her Pre-K children are ready for Kindergarten.

Whitney Parker  *    [Child Development Center at Davidson County Community College, ]         

She is so hardworking and encouraging to her staff and children. She finds new ways of teaching and learning to make everyone comfortable and happy. Even though these hard times she has remained positive as well as active in her center families lives.  All around an amazing Child Care Hero who deserves all the recognition she can get!


* Were selected to received a small token of our appreciated and gratitude for all that they have, are, and will continue to do!  Thanks again!


  • Preservice Teachers Learn to Use Be Active Kids in Limited Spaces

    I really enjoyed our class meeting. It was interesting to discover that you can do just about anything with children in the classroom where there may not be much space to encourage them to be active.  A change that I will make in my own life is to be more active, as well as my daughter. I will share this information with my friends that have children such as yoga animals, or Simon Says.

    Cathy Sesta, Parent & Child Care Provider
  • Early Childhood Physical Activity Institute

    Thank you for inviting me to be part of this year’s Institute. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the experience. You’re doing amazing work and I hope I’ll be able to continue contributing to it a bunch in the future.

    Rae Pica,
  • Plenty of Resources That I Can Use and Share

    This class was informative, and I look forward to being physically active with young children. On Friday, I volunteered at a Parents Night Out through my daughter's school. When I got there the kids were watching a movie. I got them up to play Simon Says and Red Light Green Light, however, after that I was stuck on what to do. I wish I had the knowledge I gained from this class, to have made it more exciting.

    I enjoyed your Land and Lake Activity.

    Venessa Wright, Parent & Child Care Provider
  • Be Active Kids Trainers Rock!

    I loved the training.  I would have loved it more if I had the other teachers from my center there also.  I am really looking forward to taking my kit to work and sharing it with my staff.  I liked Brittney, she reminded me of myself as far as being very active and motivated.  When I am at work with my little ones we stay busy all day.  I feel like singing my instructions and dancing my actions helps them to focus better on what I need for them to do.  Britney was great and I learned a lot from her. I am always trying to find new little ways to get the kids moving.

    Tiffany Daniel, Sandhill Community College

    The Early Childhood Physical Activity Institute was just wonderful!  Thank you again for including me in such an important effort to create and sustain leaders in EC physical activity. I would love to return to NC anytime that you think I can help. I enjoyed meeting the folks who work with you and hearing about all of the great things that are planned. 

    Linda Carson, Choosy Kids
  • Be Active Kids has Much to Offer

    Congratulations to you and everyone who has been promoting PA for young
    children in NC. You have much to be proud of here. Be Active Kids is an excellent source of ideas for promoting active play in unstructured settings. The Be Active Kids website also has resources on promoting unstructured active play. I encourage folks to review these resources. 

    Diane Craft, SUNY Cortland & Active Play Books